Kelley Blue Book Awards the Nissan Maxima for its Resale Value

When you buy a new vehicle, there are plenty of factors to consider. Like comfort, safety, fuel efficiency, and performance... But what about resale value? That's something else you'll want to think about. Your purchase may be exciting now, but what about five years down the road when you want to resell? The Nissan Maxima makes sure that's not an issue.

The Maxima has received the Best Resale Value Award in the full-size car segment from Kelley Blue Book (KBB). KBB annually recognizes the new vehicles that are expected to hold their resale value the best after the first five years of ownership. Considering sales, the current competition, and future expectations, the Maxima comes out on top.

The Maxima packs a 300 horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine for you to enjoy in Cuyahoga Falls. Plus, standard Apple CarPlay lets you drive to your favorite tunes. Then go ahead and resell five years later, and get great value back.

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